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Chapter One



Gavin Tanat studied his reflection in the gold-leaf mirror that hung askew in front of him. Was he prepared to die?

He wasnÕt that old. In fact, he looked robust and dignified for a sixty-six-year-old man who had grown up working in a Welsh coal mine.

He picked up a small brush and tended to a few stray wisps of his facial hair.

The bald top of his head was framed on the sides by heavy muttonchop sideburns that were tied together with a thick moustache. His chin was clean-shaven, exposing a square, resolute jaw. There were enough streaks of gray in his carefully maintained hair to make him look distinguished.

Was it all to end so soon? Untimely death had sent him into the coal pits in the first place.







Grab a hot cup of coffee and join West Virginia police detective Josh Draper and his spunky sidekick Annie McBride in another puzzling murder mystery, this involving a treasure from the past. When an Italian diplomat turns up dead at a rambling estate in the Allegheny Mountains, the U.S. Government calls on Josh and his subtle people skills to ferret out the killer without ruffling diplomatic feathers. HeÕs locked in the mansion without weapon or police resources until he can work out which of the smooth European negotiators is behind the brutal death and why. You wonÕt rest a moment until this sensitive and deadly Josh Draper mystery is finally put to bed.




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