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Thanks for visiting my home page. I'm excited to offer you my latest title Chasing the Tiger, now available for purchase. In this globe-trotting mystery, a private eye must find out who is setting him up to commit a series of murders from the US to Spain, Italy, Thailand and Cambodia.


Digging deeper into government files, you will find other globe trotting cases on this website, such as The Shangri-la Code, Mind Control and The Trap.


For history buffs and the mischievous pirate in all of us, try out The Lost Cutlass.


You will find titles set in regions where I have lived. For European thrillers, try out Double Cross , The Geneva Seduction and The Maltese Cross. To delve into India, study the fascinating case of Fatal Sting. If your imagination runs to the Far East, pick up Destiny of the Dragon, China Gate, Thunder in Formosa and the Canton Connection.





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Mick Pierce Spy Thrillers


Description: wavbul1a.gif Double Cross

Description: wavbul1a.gif Thunder in Formosa

Description: wavbul1a.gif The Geneva Seduction

Description: wavbul1a.gif Fatal Sting



Brad West Spy Thrillers


Description: wavbul1a.gif Destiny of the Dragon

Description: wavbul1a.gif Mind Control

Description: wavbul1a.gif The Shangri-la Code



International Thrillers


Description: Description: wavbul1a.gif The Trap

Description: Description: wavbul1a.gif China Gate

Description: Description: wavbul1a.gif Comoros Moon



International Mysteries


Description: Description: wavbul1a.gif The Accidental Assassin

Description: Description: wavbul1a.gif The Maltese Cross

Description: Description: wavbul1a.gif The Canton Connection

Description: Description: Description: wavbul1a.gif Chasing the Tiger



Other Novels


Description: Description: Description: wavbul1a.gif The Lost Cutlass

Description: Description: wavbul1a.gif Summerville